Learning Sessions

Learning methods are based on adult learning principles and are designed to be active and engaging. These include a combination of didactic presentations, demonstrations, role-play practice, small group activities, and opportunities for participants to see, model, and practice new skills. Learning is designed for immediate application in daily work.

Attendance at all three days of both Learning Sessions (6 days total) is required to roster as a professional with Project BEST.

Learning Session 1

The first Learning Session provides fundamental training in TF-CBT that extends the pre-work learning activities. A sample agenda and materials are below.

Learning Session 1 Sample Agenda (PDF)

Learning Session 1 Sample Clinical Workshop Packet (PDF)

Learning Session 1 Slide Decks:
  1. Welcome, Intros, Trauma and TF Overview (PDF)
  2. Engage and Assessment (PDF)
  3. Psychoeducation and Parenting (PDF)
  4. Relaxation and Affective Components (PDF)
  5. Cognitive Coping (PDF)
  6. TICE and In Vivo (PDF)
  7. TF-CBT via Telehealth (PDF)
  8. Next Steps (PDF)

Learning Session 2

The second Learning Session provides advanced training in TF-CBT and responds to challenges found during the first Action Period. A sample agenda and materials are below.

Learning Session 2 Sample Agenda (PDF)

Learning Session 2 Sample Clinical Workshop Packet (PDF)

Learning Session 2 Slide Decks:
  1. Welcome (PDF)
  2. Barriers to Engagement and Treatment Completion Managing COWs (PDF)
  3. PRAC Review (PDF)
  4. Finishing The Model (PDF)
  5. Challenges in Implementing the Trauma Narrative (PDF)
  6. Working with Adolescents (PDF)
  7. Complex Trauma (PDF)
  8. Traumatic Grief (PDF)
  9. Fidelity Monitoring; PEAPO (PDF)
  10. Vicarious Trauma (PDF)